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buddhaThe sacred call...
is a deep sense of “knowing” that your life needs to change. The call can come in many ways. Sometimes it is a subtle sense or feeling of emptiness, a deep dissatisfaction with our habitual lifestyles that used to seem so comfortable and appropriate. Sometimes it comes in abruptly, destroying our carefully made plans, leaving us confused and searching for answers.  

The call to grow and evolve exists in all of us. Sometimes the first step towards this evolution is simply honoring that call and having the courage to seek support.

"None of us is meant to make this journey alone.  Even the greatest among us will need help along the way."

Combining traditional evidence-based counseling practices with spiritual modalities such as the Pathwork Lectures and Core Energetics, Martine will support you on this new path to wholeness and healing. Using verbal processing, guided visualization, and energy work, she will help you to learn to instinctively heal issues that have continually gotten in the way of you being the person you were born to be. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, PTSD, or trauma (domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc.), Martine will lovingly guide you to resolution of these painful issues so that you can be truly free and live your destiny.

Client Testimonials

I came to Martine in the midst of a struggle to end a toxic and abusive seven year relationship. Something in me had awakened shortly after I began working with Martine, I truly saw that ending my relationship was just the beginning, and that my real journey was to courageously heal my past and allow my process of rebirth to take place. Martine's insight, and unconditional support has led me to great heights in this process. Her combination of traditional healing along with spiritual insight gives me the tools to face challenges, fears, denials, and while also teaching the importance of self love. Martine provides comfort and guidance while I navigate through this journey. I highly recommend Martine for anyone who is open to healing, this is one amazing enlightening experience.


Perceptively, I knew during our first conversation that Martine was honest, trustworthy, and incredibly gifted. I have seen a tremendous improvement in all areas of my life since working with her. I react less, understand more and genuinely feel like I grow during each session. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires a more fulfilled, happier and more energetic life. ~John


I was a lost soul when I met Martine. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea what it was. Everything seemed perfect: I was healthy and successful. What else could someone want out of life, right? Well, within an hour of meeting her, I was crying cleansing tears of pain that I didn't even know I had been holding on to. The next few years were an incredible awakening for me. Martine led me on a wild roller coaster ride deep into my own being. This journey culminated in my touching a love in my heart that was so big that I couldn't believe it was mine. It was a redemptive love that I still carry with me to this day. Thanks, Martine, for taking the time to help me. I am so grateful to have been in your spiritual care. ~JK