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MartineMartine is a graduate of the Rutgers University School of Social Work and the IM School of Healing Arts. She was born and raised in New Jersey.

Like all licensed therapists, Martine has extensive training in traditional, time tested therapeutic processes. But Martine has also studied many forms of therapy and healing from around the world. She practices her own unique blend of these modalities to facilitate her clients' process and healing. Martine is also naturally gifted with an uncanny sense of intuition, which allows her to often "cut to the chase" when working with her clients. She can often detect subtle traces of old patterns and wounds in people before they even speak to her. This allows her to quickly identify the core of the issue, so the client can begin to bring that issue to resolution. This, in turn, helps resolve the unsatisfactory life situation that caused the client to seek help in the first place. Martine conducts her sessions with equal parts of expertise and compassion, the two most important ingredients of any great counselor or healer. Martine skillfully and lovingly helps her clients confront themselves and whatever is holding them back in their lives, so that change can occur and life can be lived to its fullest potential for all of her clients.